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Apr 25, 2020
Oro Valley, AZ
Leaving for a week and was going to put in 2 , 3 inch tabs while out. Weather is getting in the 90's or close. My CYA is around 25'ish, maybe a little lower and on purpose as I knew I was going to drop tabs in for my time away - Any, my question is around the release of both Chorine and CYA from the tabs ? Does both release equally as it dissolves or does one ( CYA / Chorine ) release quicker while floating around ? My thought is once i am back to pick up whatever is still left and dump so I stop any increase in CYA but not sure if it matters - thanks


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May 3, 2014
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As a trichlor tablet dissolves, it adds the chlorine and CYA in the amounts based on the ratio in the Trichlor product.
Two tablets will add 10 ppm FC and about 6 ppm CYA to your pool.

In your climate, with a very low CYA, your pool is consuming far more that that. You may or may not come home to some issues.


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May 20, 2020
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If it were my pool, I would probably float 6 pucks. That will account for a daily FC loss of ~4ppm and leave you with an ending CYA rounded up to a manageable 50, which seems like a good number for the Arizona summer.
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