Treat iron stain on stairs with low water level


May 24, 2019
Bucks County, PA
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In a previous post I received some recommendations for my plan to open the season (PA) with an AA treatment to tackle some iron staining that is mostly on the steps and in some random places along the walls. The pool is concrete/plaster. I checked under the cover and the heavy snow and ice on the cover had displaced a good amount of water, so much that the first 2-3 steps are exposed. Since most of the stain is there, is there anything I can do that would be easier than the AA treatment to get the stains while the area is not under water?

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Jun 22, 2014
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Buy some Vitamin C tabs, crush them us, and place them in a thin sock or nylon. Lightly wet the area and rub the sock/nylon on the stains. If that's too much of an area for your to do, you might just get some ascorbic acid and mix a small batch in a bucket and pour on those steps, then rinse it off once done.
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