Travertine tile deck and grout issue..


Oct 29, 2020
Houston, Tx
I am Remodeling my pool. I had aggregate concrete for the decking. They extended the pool deck some as well. Total is about 550 sqft.
They laid down Travertine tile over top. I picked a very similar grout color to the travertine tile. They laid the wrong grout the first time. They came back and cut out every grout line and laid the correct grout. But the color has changed. It went from a Sandy beige color to a white. Some areas it stayed the same. The grout color is not consistent.
On the area that has not been completed with the wrong route it also has this white in it.
AF7EFEAF-E483-4E62-8629-255C8A650A23.jpegthis is the Correct color.

This photo the bottom grout lines are the correct color then it changes to white up top.
99768CF8-C9B9-4FBA-B868-F779EB5701A7.jpegAnd side by side.

I paid a lot of money for this deck and there has been several problems.

1. initially laid the wrong grout color, gray and not”bone”

2. High spots along couping. Where tile meets couping. Around pool in various areas. And all the way around the spa

3. High tile edges and corners throughout.

4. When laying tile they cut into couping pieces already laid.

5. low area in middle of deck.

6. When cutting the grout to fix the original issue, they cut into pieces where the tile intersects. I have a Versailles pattern.

I have been very patient on this issue with the pool builder. I don’t know why the grout is doing this or what the issue is. Anybody know what’s going on here.

I would like to give the pool builder an opportunity to fix the problem instead of starting all over. But I believe the fix will not be worth the price I paid.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

Let us know what the builder offers when you review your problem list with him.

Where do you stand in your payment schedule? That give you any leverage with the builder?

Glen Innes

Jan 18, 2021
armidale nsw
Had a similar issue with hakaway stone. As a natural stone when it is cut you get a slight bow , sometimes through the machining a sometimes as a result of porous stone leaching hench they usually have a face side which is honed. These stone types react to being exposed to oxygen, pollution and moisture which may leach or stain the surface or react with grouts and glues which fix them. Most natural stones need to be sealed on the fixing side to stop these actions and reactions occering and sealed on top after installation to halt any staining or chemical reaction.
Your images actually look like calcium or limeing but don’t use a straight acid to remove or you will create a mess of the stone and the grout. I’ve been there and it’s all pain no gain.
But cuts in the stone they need to lift the affected and replace.
Good luck mate.
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