Travertine coping issue


Jul 14, 2019
Edmond ok
We are in the middle of a pool build. From the outset we told our builder we wanted travertine coping. Coping went in for the pool last week, and we are now being told that for the spa there is no travertine coping that is wide enough to cover the depth of the gunite and stacked stone (stacked stone is 1/2 inch thick so not thick at all). We have single bullnose 12x24 travertine coping for the pool. The suggestion is that they will cut the travertine longways and make a double bullnose that way, leaving a grout seam along the surface of the spa. This is unacceptable to me. I have seen countless images online of travertine coping on raised spas that do not have a seam on the travertine, so I know it is possible. My question is does the gunite have to be 12" thick? Should the builder made an accomodation when doing gunite to allow for extra depth for tile or stacked stone on outside of spa and still be able to use the 12x24" travertine?
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Jun 10, 2019
Urbana, MD
the 24x16" is pretty common on the french pattern travertine stone, you could buy it and use a full round grinder cutting wheel to convert the square ends to round (Diamond Profile Wheel V30 Router Bit 1 1/4" Full Bullnose and 4" Diamond Polishing Pad 11 + Buffer for granite marble ceramic concrete quartz countertop refinishing vanity top makeover - - Even if they install it with squared ends you can even round the corners with that attachment later. Your problem would be to find a place that would sell you a couple of stones, usually they would sell a pallet as the minimum.
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Jul 21, 2016
Keller, TX
It seems that most pool beams are 12" thick. Spa wall thickness can vary. Mine will be 10" but will have a heavy rebar mat of #4 rebar at 8" ocew (must others seem to be #3 at 12" ocew). Your pool builder should have made the proper accommodations to fit your chosen coping. Neto is correct about the 24" x 16". I can give you a travertine source down here in DFW who will sell just the pieces needed and his prices are fair if you need it.