Travertine beam wall coping repair advice


Bronze Supporter
Apr 13, 2018
Houston, TX
The cable guy was working on our neighbor's home and needed access to our back yard. To take a shortcut, he walked along the top of our beam wall and broke off two end pieces of travertine coping. Two adjacent tiles were also loose (see photos)... This seems like it should be a fairly easy repair; I have a grinder and can clean up the surfaces, but am unsure of what the appropriate adhesive is? I don't want to mix mortar and do all that. I love a caulk gun. I found this item on a web search, linked from a pool builder's coping install video....

Any thoughts on this repair? I am going to call the cable company and report this. I have a Ring camera that points directly at that spot and caught the whole thing! (and no he did not tell me about it....)