Towel rack for diy's

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Feb 17, 2017
I saw this drying rack on the net, made a lot of sense because it has a zero footprint, can't blow over and easily kept out of way. Got all parts at Home Depot. It's made all from 1" pvc.
2 - 90 elbows
5- tees
5- end caps
2- plugs or flat caps ( not sure of name )
1- 10 ft pipe
the elbow is connected to the tee and tee to tee, with The pipe cut to 1 7/8 " piece, so a total of 6
they need to be sanded so they will easily fit into tee and elbow ends, no glue needed. This will act as hinge.
remainder of pipe divided to five equal pieces, about 20" each. More pipe more arms if wanted. I would think there would be a limit to amount of arms. (Weight issue)
the plugs or flat caps I used to bolt to wood column, pre drilled a hole for a Clevis pin to attach to mounted plug.
Glued and assembled arms with caps to tees, everything else is separate.
painted assembled pieces with elbows and edge of plug pieces.
dont know if this is necessary, but I used an 3/4" section of pipe to strengthen The whole unit. Assemble the arm pieces on to the 3/4" pipe. 1 7/8 pipe,tee,1 7/8 pipe, tee, 1 7/8 pipe, etc. the elbows last and will fall off until attached to mounted plugs.
just move arms to any position, stagger each on or move all against wall for out of way.


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May 23, 2015
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I did something similar last year but Photobucket lost all of my data last year so the post is missing the pictures. I'll have to go through my iCloud photos to try to find them -

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