Totally different advice for winterizing pool with mesh safety cover


Jun 7, 2019
Ozark, AL
We are brand new pool owners. When building it, we opted for a mesh safety cover for the winter. I've read to close a pool we can (simplified version) drop the water level below skimmers and then shut off pump. BUT our pool company told us to basically keep taking care of our pool like we did in the summer: maintain the water at normal depth, keep the pool pump running a few hours a day, and continue to test water/maintain at normal levels all winter long. We weren't expecting to have to maintain a pool all winter. We're in the deep south & don't get super cold winters so that might make a difference in advice.

If I am to test water all winter, how in the world do I do that with a safety cover on? I am still able to open the skimmer covers, so maybe test water in the skimmers? But the skimmer water is dirtier than the rest of pool so I'm not sure how accurate water tests will be.

And if I'm to keep maintaining the water depth as well so the skimmers function properly, how do I add more water to the pool if needed? Pumping in water from a hose in a skimmer box? Remove part of the safety cover to add in water?
I'm super confused. :hammer: Any advice is appreciated!
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Apr 1, 2018
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You bought the safety cover so you might as well us it. I personally would fully close the pool, bring levels to slam 2-3 days before you add poly60. Then blow the lines, plug and install cover. Come spring you just open it.

Remember you can always pop off a couple of springs to check on the water anytime. It wouldn’t hurt to use the robot to help you mix any chemicals that you need to add.

Or you can follow their advice and simply test the water bi monthly and adjust accordingly.

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As PM noted, there is more than one way to handle your situation. Like you, we get periods of cold and possibly a freeze warning here & there, but nothing like up north. So we leave our pool open all year. I don't have lots of tress, but just enough to where I have a few weeks of scooping fairly often. Once the trees are bare, it's just cold water. Very easy. Use of the cover is optional at that point. Care for that water drops dramatically, requiring minimal chlorine for a few months until spring. PH management is minimal as well. From Nov - Feb I may only have to test my water 1-2 times a week if that. I may add chlorine once a week. Mostly I'm checking the skimmer to ensure nothing is blocking flow. So not much at all. If there is a hard freeze warning, I leave the pump on to keep water moving to prevent water freezing.

Now if you simply don't want to have to do anything with your pool at all for a few months, as PM said, just cut the cord and close it completely.