Total Alkalinity


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Jul 29, 2007
Okay, I got my test kit today, the TF100, and did some of the tests just to see how accurate my Baquacil strips were for pH and TA. (I just started conversion tonight after testing.) pH tested at 7.8, a wee bit higher than what I was reading on the test strips. On the TA test, I am not sure if I did it right. Is the color supposed to be a red-red or more like a pink-red or magenta? Because to me, it never did turn red even after 24 drops and between the 12th and 24th drop it never seemed to change color very much. According to my Baq. test strips, TA has been staying around 120 all season.


In a buguanide pool the TA test will go from green to purple instead of green to red. If the color did not change after the 12th drop that would mean your TA is 120 ppm.