Top of the Line Robotic Cleaner?


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Apr 8, 2017
houston texas
My pool build should start soon and I'm researching pool cleaners.

I see a lot of threads about pool cleaners, but no thread about what the absolute best robotic cleaner is regardless of price?

I will have a stonescapes mini pebble finish. do not have a lot of trees near my pool, but I live on 5 acreas with trees all throughout (about 50 yards from pool) so if the wind blows good.

so I would imagine most of the time the cleaner will be getting sand/algae/grime...ect...and the occasional leaves if its windy

live in pool builder does Polaris but I can get whatever...really liking the looks of the 9550.

I want a top loading basket unless convinced that that is absolutely not good.

Question about the robot's....are you suppose to take these out of the pool after every clean? that's the only downside of not going pressure side cleaner, because the pressure side you just program and forget about it.


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Apr 1, 2007
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10,000 dollar commercial 24" wide robots are the best. What size is your pool?

Sorry to be sarcastic but you pay for cleaning power


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Apr 8, 2017
houston texas
My pool will be a free formed pool that is roughly 729 SF....41.5 x 27 --> 120' water perimeter.

I would probably like to stick with Polaris and dolphin.

What are the pros and cons for both? What are the top of the line models for both? which is "assumed" better or is this just a preference on manufacturer?

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This is the shape of my pool. ignore the bar stools as they have now been removed and ignore the new covered patio....waiting on the final design to be sent to me but the pool shape is the exact same


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Jul 26, 2016
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Really love my polaris 9550 sport. It has caddy, remote, and large removable basket. One reason I bought it was because it has three different large removable baskets available. It comes with a general one, which is great for most things. I also bought the sand/silt basket because when pool installed, I had a lot of red clay in the pool. This combo took it all out. There is a leaf basket also available, but I did not buy as I have few leaves, and the regular basket is fine for me. It has "turbo" water jet out the rear, which helps push it/climb walls, but also to move dirt out of corners on crevices. It can be set to clean floor only, walls only, or both. Can be set for rectangular of free form.

One thing with all robots - they can not really clean above the water line. So you still will need to sweep top steps or any shelves it can not reach. Can sweep before you run. I love being able to drop it in start and come back about 2 hours later to a really clean pool.

I bought it last year, and would buy it again.

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