Top 10 Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool - Letterman style


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I thought it might be fun to make a top 10 list. I may do a new one each month.

This month, we'll do the Top 10 Reasons to Own a Pool.

Here's my submission:

You don't really care about having a pool, but as a leaf collector, you know there is no better way to gather leaves for your collection as a pool is a natural leaf magnet attracting all leaves from any tree withing a 1 mile radius! :wink:

Let's hear yours...


ok, if mouse traps never work, they always seem to find a way in to your skimmers,

can i do 2 if i cant i will anyway :lol:

if you some how need to spend 50k for a hole in the ground a pool is the way to do so.


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Apr 8, 2007
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Because you need a very good excuse to have so much bleach in your shopping cart just after your husband goes missing.....<evil>

(Don IS ok, really)
its a way to get dating pointers by watching your teanagers in the pool with their Girl Friends, then repeat with DW
Marillion Fan said:
It was cheaper than all the trips to Ocean City for the wife to get a tan.
hate to burst your bubble but a tanning bed would be cheaper, also 3 trips in first class and a five star hotel also cost less then a pool.
vapool said:
Always wanted to hire my own pool boy
on a serious note, make sure your around when he comes, one time he came when i was not home and added 140 pounds of calcium and ACID (i know this becuase of the bill he left me), i tested it the day before with the TF kit and it was perfect, tested it again, calcium was about 600 and alkalinity was also very high. watch what they throw in your pool, and what they dont, if im not there whats stopping them from saying they shocked and they really didn't on a silly note, watch your wife too. :shock: