Too much rain blue pool to brown pool


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Aug 14, 2015
Numbers first:
Cya 60
Chlorine 28 ( started slam yesterday)
Alk 150
Calcium 310

We must have had 6+ inches of rain over 2 days. We were swimming last weekend before the rain pool was beautiful (thanks to tfp). Rained Sunday through Tuesday. Sunday no big change overnight though ground saturation let to run off from new landscaping around pool. I think this is my issue. Turned brown Monday. Continued to rain let some water out of the pool started slam Tuesday morning.

Chlorine holding steady on slam overnight and pump running 24/7.

Netting and brushing didn't find anything unusual on bottom, I mean worms, more worms then I thought could occupy the backyard.Want to try and vacuum worried about mulch in water.

Be patient? Should I get a leaf trap for vacuum?

Thanks in advance!

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Mar 19, 2016
Port Orange, FL
Sure looks like the issue is the landscape material so close to the pool. My husband loves plants and has some pretty big ones in pots close to the pool. We get some good afternoon wind gusts and the potting material was blowing into the pool every day. Brown bark on the bottom of a light pool doesn't look so hot. We finally put a thin layer of decorative rocks over the potting soil and the problem seems to be solved. Can you maybe change the landscaping so it doesn't run off into the pool?


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Guessing from the pics, it looks to me, too, that that is landscape runoff getting into the pool. When that happens, NO amount of chemistry will clear your pool quickly.

I would suggest you manually scoop everything you can reach from the pool and then vacuum up the rest. Meanwhile, the SLAM process will help some but SLAM has very little affect on dirt.

So run the pump 24/7, backwash as needed, and brush any settled dirt up into the pool water so the filter can take it in. An inflow like that is a bear......I would change the landscape to prevent it.
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