Too MUCH CYA?????


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May 8, 2007
El Paso, Texas
I have been using Bleach for the last year, my CYA dropped down to 80 this summer after draining and refilling, but it is back over 100 now, also I have to add about 1 quart of acid a week to keep the PH at 7.2, am I doing anything wrong???



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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
CYA can't go up unless you are adding it, either via stabilized chlorine or directly as stabilizer. If the water is anything less than crystal clear, the turbidity test will read high. I experienced this first-hand last spring when I tried to figure out why my TA had dropped quite a bit over the winter, while my CYA was right where it had been in the fall. Even though the water looked clear, it had enough junk in it to cause the CYA test to read high.


Please post a full set of test results. Also please list all forms of chlorine you might be using besides bleach. If you have not added any CYA then perhaps you are shocking with a stabilzied chlorine such as dichlor. This will also cause your CYA to rise.