Too much bleach


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Jun 26, 2007
Water was cloudy at the end of today, I threw in bleach hubby told my sone to clean pool at best guess 1.5 128oz bottles were put in. I checked my chlorine and PH levels, ph was 8.2 I threw in some ph down the but chloribe was not eveb yellow it was orange. Do I give it a few days to settle down? I have no idea what to do


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Apr 4, 2007
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You can't trust your pH reading while your chlorine is high.

You need to post good test results, with CYA level particularly to get any advice.


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May 10, 2010
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The short answer without knowing your CYA levels is to wait for it to come down, on a positive note you are likely at shock levels so it will probably kill off anything lurking in there.



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Jan 6, 2010
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How deep is the pool? That quantity of bleach would be small if it was, say, 100 feet deep :mrgreen: Knowing the size of the pool will help get a rough idea of what your FC is, and then you can guesstimate how long until it drops low enough to be safe.

None of your tests will be accurate, too much chlorine bleaches out the colors. So don't try fixing anything by adding anything else to the pool. You're already in a hole, stop shovelling. Chlorine will come down, given time and sunlight.

On the plus side, I bet that cloudiness is disappearing! Long as you're up there above shock level, may as well put the kids to work brushing. They can't swim right now, have to do something to kill time. Make sure they wear old clothes when they do it.

May I suggest There is a lot to learn if you want a pool that is clean, sanitary, and the sparkling envy of the neighborhood.

PS: If the pool is 15' diameter and 4' deep, it's about 5300 gallons. 1½ bottles of 6% bleach will only raise FC to 17, which isn't all that bad. If your CYA level is high, from using pucks in a floater perhaps, it may not even be high enough to shock it and clear the cloudiness!


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Jun 26, 2007
it 4ft deep pool calc has me at 5,300 gallons I'm adding water as from heat/splash out we have lost some also have had filter going for about 12hrs now.
results from today
TA 170
PH 7.8
CYA 40
Chlorine I get confused on when I use the yellow drops I'm above 10 it's yellow still VERY yellow
FC 14 thats come down alot since last night



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Apr 4, 2009
NY FC at 14, if you measured that using the FAS-DPD test, what is your CC level? Also, have you added any PH down to reduce PH from the original 8.2 to 7.8? The yellow OTO drops only measure FC to 5ppm, so that's why you seeing orange.

You have three things working against you...if you are using powdered chems to adjust PH, it takes a while to clear with the intex filter. Your PH is on the high side and if your CH is high it could be calcium or it could be dead algae that may just take a while to clear with the small filter.

Either way, sounds like you'll need to do an overnight FC loss test, report back your CC and CH levels. If it all ends up being within acceptable levels, it may just require addt'l pump run time and cleaning your cartridge often.
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