Today's test results- why is ph elevated?


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Jun 25, 2017
Birmingham, AL
pH-8.2 + (color was darker than color for 8.2, so I assume it is higher than 8.2)
CYA -65-70
SWG at 90%

Water is fairly clear, though I wouldn't say it is crystal clear

Yesterday my pH was 8.1, so I added some muriatic acid, per pool math. Also had to add some bleach yesterday due to FC- 6.5 and CC-0. Today my pH is higher. How is that?

I have tried to run the pump more to try to get the right combo because I am having to add bleach every 2-3 days to maintain FC level. Could this be contributing? There is no waterfall, only return jets that are pointed a little up so that it ripples the surface of the water.

Reminder- I am a newby at this. I just don't want to make any drastic changes unless necessary. So far, I have only had to add bleach here and there.

Thanks for any help.