Todays Project: Homemade Fountain


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Mar 4, 2011
Goldsboro, NC
When we moved into our house we realized there used to be a water slide for the pool, but it was no longer in place. After realizing that we probably would not put one back in its place, I started to think of things to use the water supply for. So, I decided to create a fountain after reading and seeing some of the ones on here.

I cut off all of the old PVC to where it came through the concrete and added the fountain! It was a really quick and simple project and the wife loves it too! The first picture is with all of the returns and it running. The second picture shows it running with 3 of the 5 returns turned off. It shoots perfectly in front of the diving board to the other side of the pool!

I just wanted to share our new pool addition!! :party:

PS: It is not leaking, that is where some water ran out before I had it all glued and put together.


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