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May 10, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA

First (and foremost), is that a cliche'?

Well, anyway, firstmost, thanks for setting up this board. You're doing a great a job of making a place for people around the country, (and even the world) communicate about their pool hobby. Of course communication leads to other good things too.

A forum that used to visit daily (from a different hobby), had a button called "Today's Posts." The posts were listed with the most recent ones first. (and yes there were lots of duplicates, bc everytime someone responded it hit the list again)

Perhaps you can gues what was listed under this "button". It reset itself at 12:01 am every day.

This made it easy to follow conversations being discussed today.

Similar to "Posts Since Your Last Visit". The only problem that I find with PSYLV, is sometimes I get about half way through them, and have to leave, then when I return, those posts are replaced with a new list... and those I didn't read are gone... and are only brought back if someone else replies. Make sense?

If you wanted to improve on their Today's Posts, you could not have it repeat each time someone added to a thread...but no big deal either way.

Just an easy way to join in on today's topics...

Keep up the great job!


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Steve, I'm not a programemer of any kind so I have to rely on what others have done and what is available for this particular forum software.

I'll do some checking and see if there is a mod available that will do what you are talking about and if it is compatible.

Glad you like the site and thanks for the sugesstion.