To Sand, or not to Sand


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Jun 7, 2012
That is the question!

Hello all.. New user here. After much deliberation, we have decided on an Intex 22'x52" Ultra Frame pool. Went to my local Walmart who has stock, and for $699, cant beat it!
I have the 2650 sand filter/SWCG (56681EG) on order from amazon (20% off with Amazon Visa!, $304 shipped!).
I am moderately handy (I can put together Ikea like Son of a gun!! LOL!) and will probably get the help of my landscaper to do some ground prep.

My question is this....

I plan on taking grass out.... leveling... Put down Intex provided tarp?.... SAND?.... Then the Insulation boards? then another tarp?
Is that overkill? Could I skip one of Sand/insulation steps?

Im guessing it would be easier to do the insulation than wheelbarrowing in 3 yards of sand from the front of the house! But if both steps are needed, I will do it.... (3 yards enough?)

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

A little sand to get a perfect level can help, but you don't really need sand when you are using insulation board. Nor do you need a tarp on top of the insulation board (just below). If you skip the insulation board, then use a real sand layer. Insulation board is easier and gives a better feel to the bottom, but costs more.