To close or not to close?


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Apr 28, 2012
Newton, NC
We are planning to install a fiberglass pool. We are located about 40 miles northwest of Charlotte, NC.

We have visited the pools of references from our PB. They were located closer to Charlotte than us. They told us that they do not winterize their pool. They run the pump overnight to keep the water flowing to avoid freezing on those occasional below freezing nights.

Our temperatures are typically a few degrees colder than Charlotte, and I am wondering if we will be able to get away with not having to go through the winterizing and then opening processes. This past winter was very mild. But, in prior winters we have had snowfall (6") and nights where the temperature dropped below 20 degrees. Our pool will be in the sun all day, and I can't recall our daytime temperature not getting above freezing.

What is the rule of thumb as far as how cold it can get before you have to bite the bullet and close up for the winter?