Tip: Simple way to keep leaves out of your skimmer (The Pretzel)


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Feb 19, 2008
Tidewater, VA
Hi Everyone,

For those of us that run our pool year-round Fall leaves can be a pain. Here is a simple way to keep 95% of the leaves out of your skimmer... just place a double loop of your vacuum hose (the Pretzel) in front of your skimmer. Now you can leave for a weekend and not worry about returning to a wheezing, water-starved pump.




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May 14, 2015
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Great idea. Defeats the purpose of a skimmer, but good for those overload times. I have a bottom drain so I'm good. But i just might use that idea in my pond!!! Thank you, thank you!

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Also, if you put a skimmer sock in your skimmer, you can collect stuff but still allow water to pass. Just don't put it all the way down into the basket.
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