Tiny Air Bubble Sucked Into Pump Basket


New member
May 12, 2017
Dover NJ
I'm new to posting here on the forum but seem to be reading it whenever I have a problem so thank you all.

I'm getting tiny air bubbles sucked into my pump basket.

Equipment set-up
I have :
  • replaced the o - ring in the pool pump
  • replaced the 2 plugs in the pump
  • replaced o-ring and gaskets in jandy valve.

I have 2 skimmers that I can direct with a jandy valve.
When I turn the jandy valve one way the pressure goes down to 6 and the bubbles increase a little. When I turn it the other way the pressure drops to 5 and the pump will not come to prime.

There are no air bubbles in the returns.

There is a crackling sound in the multi-port that I can reduce/eliminate by bleeding the air in the filter.

I've had the problem for 1 year. It started when the pool was opened in 2016.