Timing for AGP purchase and deck


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Jul 5, 2010
Yorktown, VA
We are thinking about purchasing an AGP. We have two picked out. We have several trees that we would like removed first just because they are closer than we would like. We plan to build a deck also. My question is about timing. By the time the trees are removed....and the pool is setup...summer will be over. We live in VA. We can't start the deck until the pool is in place. Should we 1) haves tree removed now 2) purchase pool now but not have it installed until very early spring and then build the deck? Or 2) purchase pool in Jan but not have it installed until very early spring and then build the deck? or 2) purchase the pool and fill it and cover it for winter and start on deck righ afterwards before winter? Would it be cheaper to buy the pool in Jan or now? Rec Warehouse said we could purchase now..and store it on our garage and they would install it next spring. That does make me a bit nervous though. I am fearful of having the pool in boxes in my garage and then not being able to get anyone out there to set it up. Suggestions?

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Oct 29, 2009
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I would wait til the fall sales to buy it (save lots of $$), set it up very early spring, and build the deck while it's still too cold to be swimming. I would think trees could go anytime between now and winter.


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Jul 10, 2009
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I would get rid of the trees now and give the ground time to settle. We have a low spot under the pool where a neighbor's tree had died and the root decayed and made a sunken area under the pool. You can decide what model of pool you want and buy it in the late winter/early spring. The clock starts on your warranty when you buy the pool and 6-9 months is a long time for something to sit in your garage, plus it takes up a lot of space! Also you can get better prices in the winter when business is slow.


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Apr 4, 2009
I'm with Melt on this one with one. I know I'm biased, but in late sep'08 we picked up our pool for $899 (saving on pools in stock at the time/fall close out), the same pool is advertised this time of year for $1,799. In fall of '08 we took down 21 60-80ft trees, stumps ground and seeded grass. Put it in the corner of the garage. Had a warm spring and had the pool installed early April '09...took my sweet old time (1.5 months) to get the deck done/elec inspections etc and we were swimming by the end of may, enjoyed the deck too instead of working on it in extreme heat, wishing I was relaxing by the pool instead. Just my experience...sad part...the pool was by far the smallest expense incurred

Tree work $2,100
Elect (needed 200 amp upgrade) $2,600
Pool install $950
Deck $9,500...trex/composite railings...did most of the work myself except digging the footings and getting it framed
Permits $250 (elect/Pool/Deck)

Hope this helps...after all is said and done...we should have gone inground :hammer:

Here is a link to the pool/deck pics (minus the tree work...sorry)


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