Timer works sometimes on a Blue Haven control box


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Jun 9, 2017
Cedar Park/Texas
Hello, I am trying to troubleshoot a 19 year old control panel installed by Blue Haven pools in 2002. It has two relay switches on it. I rewired it from 2-speed to a single speed. I installed a new timer Intermatic PB913n66 and a new Temperature sensor 178T24. The panel also has a secondary timer with ten dip switches (0 delays 2 minutes from high speed to low, 1-9 delays in hours). I had it set to 0, the pool sometimes comes on and sometimes its delayed for an hour or so. Today, it shut off an hour after the set time. Is the control panel [an obsolete Ji500] at fault here. Is it time to replace the control panel?

Does anyone have a system similar to mine? If so, what have you done to understand this system? Do you know where I can download a manual for this box. I have no idea what manufacturer builds boxes for Blue Haven.
Bluehaven control box.jpeg


Jun 3, 2018
San Diego, CA
I have this control panel. It works just fine with my two speed pump. As you have stated, when the clock timer energizes the two speed circuit board, the dip switches control how long the high speed relay is powered before switching to the low speed relay. 0 will run hi for 2 minutes for priming. 1-9 will run hi for an hour each, up to the length of time set on the clock timer. Any change to the clock timer will not cause an immediate change to the motor status, because the dip switch circuit board has a delay timer built in. When run on automatic, there should be a consistent behavior in pump operation. I assume that you've set all the dip switches to what would be full time, all the time, low speed, and the low speed motor relay is the one your single speed pump motor is now wired to. I assume the new thermostat is the correct part, and set/wired correctly too, so it isn't causing a change in operation some days due to varying temps. The control panel is designed to operate a two speed pump. If you are running only a single speed pump, you don't need the dip switches or that circuit board they are a part of. You can wire the time clock directly to the control wiring of one of the two motor run relays. You'll have to add a single pole switch to bypass the timer to optionally run the pump manually though. There is a knockout in the panel for that. The freeze stat may be a problem, since it plugs into something. I don't recall what it plugs into. If it plugs into a failed dip switch board, you'd have to find another thermostat that you can wire into the new suggested control circuit arrangement. E-bay has or had the dip switch circuit board, if you're sure yours is bad and you want to replace it. I'm afraid I don't have a manual. Like you, I replaced the timer, and I replaced the power supply transformer as well two years ago.


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Apr 28, 2020
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Good morning! I have a tangential question. I see you replaced the low temperature thermostat (178T24). I have a simple intermatic timer that controls my pool pump and it has this freeze-proof feature. Last winter it got very cold but the pump failed to come on - as advertised. I just opened it up to see the situation and it appears the thermostat is normally open - I suppose it should close the circuit once the temp drops below the set temp as this would close the relay coil circuit. Is this the way this thermostat should work and that I need a new one?