Timer doesn't turn

Aug 9, 2015
Waxhaw, NC
I have an Intermatic PF1102T timer which is 11 years old. Beginning several months ago, it randomly would stop turning. If I spun the dial a revolution or two, it would begin turning again. Now it has stopped turning completely. It still operates the pump if I manually turn it to a place on the dial where the pins are raised. Also, the thermostat appears to still turn the pump on at the set temperature. I've seen on some older post where a suggestion was made to only replace the motor (rather than the entire unit). Where is the motor located? When I look in my unit, I see three parts: the thermostat, the relay, and the timer housing. Is the motor inside the timer housing? Because my unit is 11 years old, should I replace the entire unit or just the motor? Thanks for all your help. You folks are awesome.


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Sep 1, 2016
Yakima, WA
I would replace the whole thing. I run into similar timers all the time at work. Not only is that little syncro motor 11 years old, but so are the gears, bearings, contacts, and everything else.


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Jul 6, 2011
You can also check the timer motor and many times replacing that alone resolves the issues. I've had the same timer clock from 15 years.