Time to close it up - thanks TFP for clear water


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Jan 23, 2018
Canberra ACT
Thanks to the forum we have had crystal clear water since we got the pool up 2 months ago but Autumn is here and it's time to cover it all over :(

Thought i'd throw a couple pics up and say thanks
We are using 12.5% bleach at the moment and with the cool water and covered we used a grand total of 5ppm over the last 7 days :)

I vacuumed the bottom this morning before getting the black cover fully tied down.

025047-X4060887 by Phil Gartner, on Flickr

Looking from the cover roller end
The orange things are 3D printed tie down point for the black cover, I'd call the water clear
025048-X4060888 by Phil Gartner, on Flickr

Better view of the inlet outlet setup inside the pool, custom 3d print cover strainers and i've put a simple straight jet on the return for winter.
yep that's the bestway surface skimmer hanging on the fence section... it works pretty well i think.
025050-X4060890 by Phil Gartner, on Flickr

.... cover on till things warm up in spring. "clipping" it down will make it simple to lift to add some more bleach over winter :)
025051-X4060892 by Phil Gartner, on Flickr

Still not sure if we are pulling the pump and filter off yet, we do get some nights below zero but it's really rare that we get frozen pipes or garden hoses.