Time for a remodel (facelift). Staples vs Polyurethane for crack repairs


Mar 16, 2014
Plano, TX
Hi all and thank you for your time. Purchased current house in June of this year. Pool build is estimated to be around 2000 based on some info and style that I have. 2012 there were some major cracks that were repaired and you can see the scars from that. During the buy, they hired that company to do a leak test to prove that everything was good and I have that receipt. There is some separation in the plaster in one area that is at least 1/8" open where you can see it's failing. And now I'm losing water and have done the bucket test etc., to the tune of at least an inch a day regardless of pump on/off. I'm pretty sure it's never been replastered, so it's done its job I feel. Got a couple of quotes and one company proposes staples and the other tells me that they believe in polyurethane and that it is better than staples. Pool is about 13k gallons.

Using standard white replaster, replacing waterline tiles, return jets, mastic for the deck, chemical start-up, etc. One is around $10k (staples)and the other $8750 (polyurethane).


Thanks in advance!