time for a new pump?

Apr 29, 2017
Calgary, Alberta
I bought and old house that came with a pool. I am learning as i go.

I started the pump up and the pump was leaking at the gasket between the motor and housing. The pump housing has nothing to identify it so how do I get parts for it?

I have included a pic. You can see the gap in the housing; its large. the pump housing is cracked at the mounting bolts but the pump runs fine.

What are my options here:
-replace the gaskets
-can i bolt a new housing on the old motor if i can't get a gasket kit?
-should i just spend the money and buy a new motor and housing?
-If i get a new pump...how do i determine the proper flow rate?
-any recommendations on what pumps i should buy?



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Apr 27, 2012
Grand Rapids, MI
Greetings and welcome.
First off, it is possible to buy a new seal kit provided you can determine the specs/brand etc. of your pump. At Swimming Pool Supplies - Pool Parts - INYOPools.com, they can guide you -- they did me ;) The owners are TFP members and very supportive of DIY. The shaft seal etc is called a "Go kit". They also have a video tutorial on how to change the seals.

Next...if you need to replace either the wet end or motor, they sell each. Generally, whatever hp rating you now have will be the way to go...unless you upgrade to variable speed motor...which may be worth it depending on your electrical rate and length of run/season.

To get the right pieces and parts, their online "Questions" section on products responds pretty quickly. Hope that helps!
Apr 29, 2017
Calgary, Alberta
I contacted INYO pools customer service. Unfortunately, I had no way to identify the pump housing. So, Its new pump time!

What factors should i be considering for a new pump and motor? Any Brand recommendations?