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Jul 26, 2020
Auburn, CA
After weeks of deciding on tiles, the pool contractor just told us that he can’t install 6x6 tile in a freeform pool. He said it needs to be 2x2 or 3x3. I read in another thread that pool contractors can simply cut the tile in half or quarters around the sharp curves. Is it possible to install 6x6 in a freeform pool or will it cause problems?

Also, we started this project about a month ago. We started researching the tiles 2+ weeks ago. I sent them tile options 2 weeks ago and they included 6x6 tiles and they priced them out. Then last week, I sent them some other tile options that were 6x6. Today, the pool company finally tells me he can‘t install 6x6. I have spent many hours on this and also gone to the tile store twice, which is a 50 minute drive each way from our house. I am concerned that this pool contractor is not detail oriented to overlook sharing this critical information with me.

This pool contractor also said they do not install coping and they do not clean tiles. Is it normal for a pool contractor to be this specialized? Is it possible that tile installation is not their specialty and that is why they think they can’t install 6x6 tile in a freeform pool? This pool contractor’s specialty is fiber glass pools. We were going to replace our plaster bottom with Aquabright/Ecofinish. This pool contractor has only been doing this product for 6 months so now I am wondering if they would be the best company to work with a new product if they can’t install 6x6 waterline tile. Am I making too many assumptions?
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Apr 30, 2020
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We have a freeform pool with 6x6 tiles. Without going out to look, I'm pretty sure that the only place they were cut was for the curves in/out of the deep end swimout and the openings of the skimmers. It might depend on how tight the curves are in your pool. Most of ours are fairly gradual.
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