Tile separation above waterline?


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Oct 4, 2015
Austin, TX
A bunch of porcelain tiles have separated from above the waterline in my faux infinity edge pool. What’s the best way to repair? Marine epoxy? Thinset? Do I need to grind out the old thinset first?

Waterline is usually around the 3rd tile down. Pool is 6 years old. We were in the big Texas freeze but we were able to keep our pumps going so it never froze. I have been following TFP since the pool was new and calcium is always around 300. I can see the mesh backing of the tile is still on the pool wall, it has separated from the tile.


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Jul 3, 2013
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It depends.. Was a waterproof layer used, if so you do not want to break or take off that layer or if you do it need to be reinstalled along with the other layers below..

If it were me I would use Mapei Granirapid to reinstall those tiles but it will take some prep work.. not sure but you probably want to go down to the concrete shell and go up from there.. I do not think you will be able to stop at the waterproof layer Step#3 if a waterproof layer was used..

I attached the complete document that has all the products that "may" be used, you pick one from each group..

this is step #4 below
Lowes ordering granirapid-system
1401223 50 lbs grey model number
1401408 2 gallon model number



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