Tile scale - best practices for removing


Jul 13, 2010
I ignored my high pH for too long and now I've got a healthy ring of scale at the water line. I'm much better about watching my chemistry, but now I have to pay my dues.

Any tips on the best way to remove the ring?


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Apr 1, 2007
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muriatic acid....handled carefully.

Lower the pool level to expose the complete line, get in the pool and start applying a 5:1 mixture of muriatic
with an acid brush. If 5:1 doesn't foam up and dissolve the scale, make it stronger.

You could also try Comet or Ajax and you might have some luck.

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Oct 29, 2009
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I've used the diluted acid in a cheapo spray bottle; i found it easier than an acid brush. The acid will eventually eat away the spring and the bottle won't work anymore, but it worked long enough for me. Just spritz it on, wait til it stops bubbling, then brush with an old toothbrush to knock off any loose pieces of scale. Rinse and repeat!


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Apr 26, 2009
I recently had a couple of pools with a really bad tile line (I mean reaaallllyyyy baaadddd). I tried dilluted MA and all I would up with was some lightening of it in some areas with obvious "drip" lines on some areas of the tile. I thought I was hosed. I then got some Biodex 300 and a BBQ grill scrubber, got in the pool(s) and applied some elbow grease - and the tile looks (almost) new.


- Jeff