Tile replacement and a couple questions


May 25, 2007

I am finishing up the process of cleaning up the waterline area where I need to retile. I want to make sure I got things straight before I proceed - is the red arrow pointing to a mud base or thinset, and the yellow arrow pointing to the bond beam? It almost doesn't look like I have a mud bed here, unless the thinset was laid very thin - what do you think? That area is varies between 1/4" to 3/4" in various areas around the pool.

Inkedpool tile_LI.jpg

If there isn't a mud bed, am I OK to tile directly to the beam? Or do I need to add bonding material and or Hydroban to the beam, then thinset / tile?

I'm following the guide here:
Waterline Tile Installation



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Jan 19, 2015
las vegas
The yellow arrow appears to be the bond beam (shell), red arrow is the mortar bed that is floated by tile setter to level the bond beam. Thin set is the used to adhere tile to mortar bed.