Tile question


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Jun 10, 2020
Riverside County, CA
I’m looking at tiles for my waterline and so far the ones in my PB’s showroom hasn’t really impressed me. So I’ve began searching online and found some that I liked. One in particular is from Cepac Tile, cost is 3.99 sq ft. but only have 250 sq ft in stock. Im building a rectangular pool 15 x 22. The tile is porcelain and is rated to be frost and chemical resistant with a 7 Mohs. Not really sure what the requirements are for selecting a pool tile
other than it has to be chemical resistant so hopefully the above meets the criteria. My question is, if I do opt to buy the tiles on my own, will it void any warranty from the builder? I will ask my PB but wanted to know in general what the standards are. Also, is this price of tile similar to the cost of other pool tiles such as NPT? Thanks!


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Jul 20, 2020
Houston, TX
We wanted a specific glass tile that Floor & Decor has and when I asked about it I was told that the production process used for pool tile is different because they fire they tile differently to be able to withstand the temperature swings that pools see. According to the tile guy it has to be specifically rated as a pool tile or it shouldn't be used for a pool. The general thought that he conveyed to us was that the tile would be subject to being really hot in the sun and then cooled really fast from splashing water and if not tempered properly they would break. Incant say 100% that this is the case, but can't see why he would talk himself out of a sale with false information.