tile question

Jul 21, 2016
edmond, ok
We built our pool almost 10 years ago and have 1"x1" subway tile just below the water line and up to the coping. The yard is slanted toward the house so wall furthest from the house is taller out of the water than the side near the house. The taller side also faces the south, so it not only has more tile above the water line but also more sun. Anyway, that side has a problem with those small tiles coming off. The tile under the water is fine, but the tile above the water and always heating up in the sun has a tendency to pop off. We have tried to replace and regret, glue, etc without any luck. Does anyone have suggestions to stop that issue? Sealer?

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 1, 2007
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The photo will help. That said, I'll bet you have some expansion/contraction issues at that tile on the sunny wall. Water gets behind the tile, freezes overnight and then pops loose from the expansion.

Removing all of it that makes sense and using epoxy grout will probably work......the epoxy has a tiny bit of "flex" so it handles movement a little better.