throwing chlorine in by hand


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Jul 23, 2010
So I was in Mexico and we were staying in a room that had its own swim out pool. In the mornings the pool guy would come by with a small bucket of small granule chlorine. He would broadcast these granules through out the pool with his bare hands. He would also be adding pool water to the bucket of granules. He did not speak English and I don't speak spanish so I could not ask him what compound he was using. The granules would not dissolve immediately but more slowly. They did smell like chlorine. Anybody heard or seen this form of chlorinating? What compound would be safe to be broadcasting with bare hands. Why would he be adding water to it? It was a pebble tec pool surface if that matters.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum. :lol:

This is all guesswork....

It was probably Cal can touch any form of chlorine you want, to my knowledge. Prolonged exposure to anything is not a good idea but I'm pretty comfortable with pucks, Cal Hypo, etc. on a reasonable basis.

Adding water to it is puzzling as I have heard Cal Hypo gets very hot. Perhaps it was trichlor (powdered pucks) but that is not a very good way to chlorinate a pool, IMO.
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