Through-wall skimmer in Bestway Power Steel I am quite worried about it.


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Jul 28, 2013
Hi all, I recently bought a small swimming pool from Bestway model 56241 Power Steel 412 x 201 x 122 .
I saw a lot of people mount a wall - trough skimmer one swimming pool such this but I am still worried regarding the structural integrity of the liner after such mod. Is there a report of linear fail after this kind of mod?
Have someone experience on specific model like mine a little bit higher than normal ( water level is at 118cm)
I am currently using an above water skimmer but is quite uncomfortable having such an intrusive device in a small swimming pool.

The skimmer I plan to use is the one in the pic below, I already upgraded the pump with a 8000lt/h with sandiflter

thank you


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I have a 14'x48" Bestway round pool, and installed a through wall skimmer in it last year. It went through half a season and over the winter with no issues, no leaks, no failure of the liner. I know several people here have them; hopefully you'll hear from some with more longevity than my skimmer.


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You may want to get some silicone caulk, just in case the screws refuse to cooperate and tighten down sufficiently to stop leaks. Mine just wouldn't tighten, not even when my son cranked down on them. I didn't have a big leak, just a trickle of two, but the silicone worked great!
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Jun 2, 2020
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I had a coleman 14' by 42" and it comes with the in wall skimmer. I looked at the liner and there isn't any extra reinforcement built in. I figure if it can come from the factory then what I put in should work just at well. If one of the adult kids doesn't take it I am redirecting the skimmer to my bestway 9x18x48


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Jun 29, 2016
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The liner can handle it. Take it slowly and cut carefully, and make sure you install the gasket properly. There’re are lots of threads here in the forum, some with pictures, that show you how to do it. Here’s mine! I keep the water level a bit higher than this.A49F658A-0222-404C-BBED-96025C7F7E72.jpeg