Thoughts? Should I use a 300W or 500W bulb in my old Anthony pool light?


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Hi folks:

I've got a 42 year old gunite pool. It is in good shape. This weekend I'm going to try to get the original pool light working. It is an Anthony Pools Model 20 lamp.

I believe I've got all the right parts. New gasket. Extra Lens, etc.

INYOpools is recommending a 300W R40 (120V) bulb for this lamp. Which I have. But the lamp itself says it is good up to 500W R40 120V.

So now the question...should I use a 300W or a 500W R40 bulb? The lamp supposedly will take the 500W. But it's also old. 500W is going to be hotter and use more power. But also brighter, which may come in handy if I use the blue lens on the lamp. it safer to use the 300W bulb?

Any idea on how much dimmer a 300W bulb will be vs 500W?


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Jul 21, 2013
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The 300W bulb will last longer then the 500W bulb. The bulbs are not that expensive. If you really hate the 300W you can try the 509W bulb.