Thoughts on replacing my deck plus a leak between skimmer and pump

Jun 27, 2016
Augusta, GA
So my trouble first started with the fact that the concrete around my pool looks terrible. unfortunately I am a relatively new home owner on a budget so having it professionally redone is out of the question for now. on top of that the pipe below my skimmer has a leak. this is causing lots of air to get into my pump while filtering and copious amounts of water loss when the pump is off. my current solution has been to plug the opening at the bottom of the skimmer and close my filter to prevent any back flow. I have been quoted $700 to open the concrete near the skimmer, fix the leak, and replace the concrete which is doable but not preferable. my thought, keep in mind I have next to no experience with pools, is to remove the concrete and replace it with a wooden deck. I figure it would be easy enough to do it in the isolated spot by the skimmer but I would preferably redo the entire deck in wood, or more likely composite due to the near constant contact with water. below are pictures of my deck where it is sinking or cracked as well as pictures of the underside to the skimmer. any advice is greatly appreciated.

Problems with concrete - Album on Imgur
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Apr 19, 2013
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Pictures would be good here. Is the leak in the equalizer / main drain line? Or the suction line to the pump?

You do not want a wooden deck around a liner pool.

Hole they don't need a concrete skirt and we can show plenty of pools without them, but a concrete skirt is preferred. Liner pools and groundwater don't get along and the skirt reduces groundwater near the pool.

I would go get another bid for your leak repair. But you need to do the repair.