Thoughts on "GOPLUS" inflatable spa? 5-star review at Amazon but its new


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Jul 14, 2015
Not sure if posting links is allowed but its easy enough to find at amazon.

I'm not ready to commit to an installed spa but the Intex is a steaming pile of error codes so I'm not ready to throw more money at them.

In particular it looks like they've removed all pureSpa links from the website which also isn't a good sign.

At $300 its not too much of a risk I guess; I just don't want to put in another blow-up spa that craps out in 3 months.

When the intex worked we LOVED it. unfortunately the electronics and manufacturing are complete garbage


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Jan 17, 2012
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Re: Thoughts on "GOPLUS" inflatable spa? 5-star review at Amazon but its new

I dunno... It seems to me you're going to be getting inexpensive equipment at that price point. Yet it has good ratings- so go figure?

If you decide to get it, let us know how well it works.

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Feb 17, 2017
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Re: Thoughts on "GOPLUS" inflatable spa? 5-star review at Amazon but its new

I have a Coleman inflatable made by Bestway. It has been in service for about 9 months now with no issues. We love it and use it every day. Actually, I did have to patch a leak in the inflatable cover which happened because of setting the cover on its edge and leaning it up against a wall while it was off. I've seen the bad reviews on the intex product, and there are also some bad reviews of the bestway product, but seemingly not as many. I figure if we get a couple of years out of this tub then it was worth the cost.

I looked at the GoPlus inflatable. It has a different design, with the pump and heater assembly built into the wall of the tub, which seems strange to me. I couldn't find who manufactures it, and since it is fairly new, I would be a little cautious about the marketing hype. Amazon lists the manufacturer as "Superbuy". Googling superbuy shows www . superbuy . com which is a chineese products site similar to Ali Express. From what I can see, I would avoid this product myself.
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