Thoughts on foam padding/failing pool floor?

We have been having some problems with the concrete bottom of our 20K inground pool. The pool was constructed in the mid 1980s, with a concrete floor. For the most part, the floor is in decent condition, but I have been getting some rough spots on the floor. We had a liner installed five seasons ago, and it started leaking last summer -- we found that was caused by tiny stones from the concrete that started poking through. There's been some deterioration in the cove area and some small pits and craks on the bottom.

This spring, we had a second company come out and they patched up the floor and installed a new liner. The liner looks great, but we still have some roughness (although not as bad as before). I had that installer come out, and he recommended taking back the liner, try repatching again and placing a foam pad between the concrete and liner to try to protect it. He then recommended getting an entire new floor installed the next time we get a liner (hopefully in 10 years or so, if all goes well with this one!).

What are your thoughts on this? The installer said he has some clients that just have problems with having a rough floor. He said it's not common, but not unheard of. I'm just frustrated, since our first liner failed on us prematurely, and I don't want to have to go through this again.