This is my first test with the TF-100 yay but i need help


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TFP wants you to learn to manage your own pool and not depend on others advice. You have your own kit so that's the first step. The next step is understanding what those numbers mean and what, if any do you need to adjust. I would suggest you start with these two articles. Others will help out with questions if you have them but see if the two articles below don't get you started.

CL=5 is the one that is nex to PH on the test that turns yellow or orange.
When you do the FC and CC test (with the powder) as you have done, there is no need to do the CL test.


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Aug 18, 2012
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+ 1 to what Dave has advised you to read. The articles will give you the details of what your results mean and where they need to be. Then when you have some specific questions ask away.


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If you have concerns about how two different chemicals will affect things, scroll down to the bottom of poolmath and plug the recommended doses into "Effects of Adding Chemicals." Then you'll see how Baking Soda for TA will affect pH, or Washing Soda for pH will affect TA, and how will adding Cyanuric acid (or trichlor pucks, if that's what you're chlorinating with currently) will affect the pH.