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Jul 16, 2018
Milton DE
My wife is compaining about the noise level of the 1.5 HP single speed pump that came with our AGP. After reading about methods of noise abatement, it looks to me like the best solution is to get a VS pump.

I first became interested in a V-Green 1.65 HP thinking I could just swap it with my current motor. After looking closer I see that is doesn't have a mount, so I assume it connects to a basket assembly that has a mount build into it.

I looked at a couple brands, but being a new and satisfied owner of a CircuPool SWG I am currently looking at their CircuPool SmartFlo® Variable Speed Pool Pump - 1.5 THP

It too does not have the mount on the motor, just a support extending back under the motor from the main mount under the basket.

What I would like to know is if the bolt hole pattern on said mount would be the same as the holes my current motor mounts in. I talked to tech support and they just weren't sure. You can see the mount attached to my motor in the attached photo and also the fact that it is mounted into a stand made for it and my sand filter. The holes in this mount look like they are the same as fan motors I have worked with in the past so I am thinking maybe they are standardized. (The manual for the SmartFlo says you should have 5x the pipe diameter in a straight line before entry into the pump - I will deal with that as necessary - just added this tidbit of info in case anyone notices).

Thanks for any input.


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Jul 21, 2013
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I suggest you try contacting Inyopools by email or their website chat and see if they can help you. Give them pics and dimensions of your existing mount and bolt holes. Understand they are bring slammed with volume this year and lots of product is in short supply. So even if they know of a motor that may fit, it may not be available right now.

Otherwise find a motor that looks like it may fit from a retailer with good return policy and see what you get. Many retailers now carry little to no inventory and cannot go and look at the product to answer your questions. It is the nature of retail today.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I am a big fan of VS pumps, but they work best when you have the need for many different speeds..

Another option for you would be to go with a 2-Speed motor.. Cheaper and still gives you noise reduction and economy, on low speed, and vacuum ability on high speed.


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Jul 16, 2018
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Another option for you would be to go with a 2-Speed motor.. Cheaper and still gives you noise reduction and economy
This is by far the cheapest and easiest solution I have found. This pump is identical to mine except it is two speed. I didn't mention it above, but I stupidly used 12-2 instead of 12-3 cable so add another $200ish for more cable and a 2 pole GFCI breaker for any 220v solution.

My worry...seems its a roll of the dice as to whether or not my SWG will be happy with the pump on low speed.


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Jul 16, 2018
Milton DE
A search of the forum finds lots of things made by Waterway, but hardly anything about pumps.

This one looks interesting to me - it is variable speed, can run on 115v, has the mount on the motor so it should fit onto my filter/pump stand and is cheaper than most others.

Anyone heard any horror stories about them?