Thinking about vinyl pool renovation?


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May 10, 2010
SW Louisiana
I am trying to make some long term pool renovation plans, and want your thoughts on the practicality. As you probably can tell from my signature the pool is an indoor vinyl lined pool, it was built 30 years ago and as was fairly standard for the time it is a 20x40 rectangle with hopper bottom and no built in steps only 2 ladders and a diving board (drop in steps were added a few years ago) no bottom drain, only skimmer and return eyeballs (in traditional across the pool Y layout skimmer at the side midpoint ). The building is of steel I beam construction metal roof and blown in foam insulation with concrete block walls and a dozen sliding glass doors surrounding the pool. The current plan starts with replacing the roof and blown in insulation this fall (the roof and insulation are nearing the end of their practical life, support purlins are rusted through, insulation is starting to delaminate, etc ) and then installing new roof top solar panels next spring ( hopefully also replacing the aging sliding glass doors, perhaps with double sliding or french doors). Various options of roofing and insulation material are currently under consideration, as is changing type and position for sky-lights, exhaust fans, etc.

My goal now is to plan out other long term upgrades, and make sure that they will fit in with the current phase of remodelling and vice versa, these changes would probably be done at the next liner replacement, which I hope is still several years away. I am looking for advice from people that have made any of these sorts of changes to existing pools:

Addition of a ledge around the hopper end of the pool, night now it goes from wall to sloped hopper

Addition of smaller side lights (currently has a lighting niche under diving board), this may depend on what is on the market at the time, I know a lot of new LED stuff is coming out

Addition of built in corner steps to replace drop in unit (this may require moving return eyeball fitting), not sure if a fiber glass unit or molded into liner is a better option here.

Any other upgrades you think I should consider?



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Jul 13, 2010
Stephenville, Texas
My pool is a totaly different animal but the best money I EVER spent was for bottom drain. Not even sure if it is possible in your situation.
Might also consider a roof ventalation/evacuation fan just to clear things out quickly once in a while.