Thinking about converting to salt


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Aug 29, 2010
After 4 years of chlorine, I am thinking about going to SWCG.
I have enjoyed someone else's salt pool so I already know it feels good, etc.
I also am convinced the cost is not prohibitive, if I consider I wouldn't be buying chlorine anymore.

My questions are directed to those who have used salt for 3 or more years:
Does it corrode your stone/brickwork?
Does it corrode your filter?
Does it corrode your heater?
Have you had to replace your temperature sensor yet?



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Jun 12, 2011
I have had a SWG pool for over six years now. As far as stone deteriation,I can't help. My pool was built as a salt pool and has no natural stone. I do hear that softer stone can be damaged by salt though. Corrosion has not been an issue with any of my equipment. I did have to replace my cell this year after 6+ years at a cost of about $500. That makes my chlorine cost $83 per year (plus the electricity to run the SWG).

One thing is that the SWG causes the pH to rise a bit, so you do use bit more acid. Once I got control of the TA and then added borates, even that became a non issue.

I love it and would never go back to having to add chlorine.


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

We have never had a single instance on the forum where either a filter or heater was corroded by salt at SWG levels. There have been a couple of cases of damage to stone work, but that is very rare. Temperature sensors do fail occasionally, but that is fairly unusual, not even close to the most common problems reported. No SWG is completely trouble free, but overall problems are fairly rare.