Thinking about buying Aqualink Zodiac Z4 with iAqualink ... will it work?

May 5, 2015
Centennial CO
I have finally decided to automate my pool, but I have been debating back and forth on exactly how to do this.

I've been thinking of buying the Aqualink Zodiac Z4 with iAqualink. Here will be my equipment that it will need to hook into: 220V pump, a gas heater, pool lights, A Stenner pump for chlorination, and a external (non-attached) hot tub.

Most threads I've read about only talk about spas, not hot tubs. In the Aqualink Z4 documentation, it only mentions spas. There is no mention of a separate hot tub unit, and if this is possible.

Anyone know if separate hot tubs can also be automated with the Z4?



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Apr 5, 2015
tucson, arizona
No the Z4 can control Pool/Spa or Pool or Spa only. In fact I don't believe you can control a hot tub with even a dual equipment Aqualink system. The hot tub has all it's own controls which are matched with the equipment systems. I have seen some spas installed without the spa pak and the equipment setup away from the spa.