Things I learned from TFP site...


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Apr 4, 2016
South East USA
I learned some great stuff from the TFP site and it has made a world of difference to my pool.

Please add to the list:

1. A test kit is very important.

2. Using a test kit I can balance my pool and get sparkly water using (mostly) grocery store products instead of expensive pool store products.

3. Using a test kit and grocery store products I can balance my pool for the season for less than $100, instead of at least $300 - $400 using pool store products.

4. Once my pool is balanced I can run my pumps for just 3 - 4 hours a day instead of 9 hours, saving electricity and wear-and-tear.

5. Once my pool is balanced I can set SWG output to 30% - 50% instead of 100%.

6. Before opening pump to get the strainer, switch the valve to 'closed' to prevent water from flowing back to the pool. The pump will prime much faster.

7. I can use a return jet easily to fill the hose for vacuuming.

8. Pressure gauges ARE useful.

9. I only need to backwash when my pressure gauge reads 10% above normal (See # 8).

10. A rock is the most practical item to prevent the skimmer basket from floating.