Thermeau heater chiller with easy touch 8 and smartphone and lighting


Apr 10, 2020
Tampa Florida
need advice for pool builder on this....I just installed pool and spa with an ET 8 and Thermeau heater/ chiller pump. The pool builder sales guy said could co trol by automation but foreman says no. They set up spa with smartphone to control on nd off and temps, but says chiller you can’t do this. I am in Florida and pool water is 92 degrees, so want to auto temp to lower temp the pool part during summer. How specifically do I tell pool builder to wire and set up so automation works to program temp to say 86 degrees like air conditioner in home and it will come on and off as needed? I saw on s,artphone it had a place to say pool heater on nd off and regulate temps, and it is a heater with chiller unit so why can’t it automatically cool pool ? I could have bought the pentair unit with chiller but bought thermeau as pool sales guy said this more efficient and it would still work with my automation. If this in fact can not be done , what is best configuration or method can do set temp for chiller part of the heater-chiller unit

i also have 5 lights in pool, and they set up all rotating color as one, what need to be done to set up so can control colors lights individually? Is it more wiring or just programming or both? Pool builder says want more money to do this individually ?..


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Jun 23, 2019
Navarre, Florida
For the each lights to have different color or use the color swm feature you will need a transformer and a relay for each light. Transformer gets pricey at around $200+/ea and you'll also burn thru 5 relays of the 8 in the ET.
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