Therapy spa jets in ground spa (gunite)


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Sep 18, 2020
Riverside, CA
Working with PB on my pool and spa design and I wanted to put some high performance hydro therapy jets in my spa.

i searched around and found twirlybird aka paramount spa jets though I only found one thread on it and I’m looking to see who else has used them and hopefully get their take on them as well.

I will have a 6 seat spa. 4 seats will use one of their jets (shiatsu probably) and the other two seats will have 4 jets for the back and one for the calf area (5 jets each).

it will be driven with 2 - PentAir intelliflo 2 vsp (one from the pool and one dedicated to the spa). I will also have a 2hp air blower too.

your thoughts would be appreciated.
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