ThePoolCleaner & Review


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May 11, 2010
Dallas TX
Howdy folks
I bought a pressure-side "ThePoolCleaner" from friendly simicrintz,, and thought I'd share the expereice.

Based on reading this forum I narrowed down my cleaner choice to this model. My pool gets a fair amount of big stuff - oak tree acorns, big leaves etc. Tried a suction-side Dirt Devil kreepy-crawly knockoff, which did fine until it hit something big, then jammed up.

simicrintz and I pm'd back & forth a few times, set up payment, etc. He sent tracking and all went very smoothly. The cleaner arrived quickly and in good shape. It only took about 20min to set up and away she goes! Been running for a week or so now, doing great.

I have it set running a bit slower than recommended, but don't feel like restricting other returns to increase the flow to the cleaner. It is doing a fine job as-is, already caught many a huge leaf and healthy acorn which would have flummoxed the Dirt Devil.

I recommend simicrintz & for your needs! Responsive & friendly.


That was very nice of you :cheers: :cheers:

Thank you for allowing us to help, and for the nice note. It is much appreciated, and we're happy the cleaner is doing the job :goodjob: :goodjob: