The yard: A work in progress


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Jul 8, 2009
NE Ohio
I enjoy learning from the many friendly and helpful folks on this website and I really love to see the pics of how everyone is doing on their pool and backyard projects. As I am constantly working on improving the look of or changing our backyard, I thought a few pics would be appropriate to share. My DH is deployed in Germany right now, so he is ok with whatever it is that I want to do as long as he doesn't have to do it when he gets home!

I started out with 4.5 tons of stones and moved it to 3 different areas around the pool. I also had a pallet of landscape border stones that totaled 315 pcs. Thank goodness I have a muscular nephew and son to shovel and move all of that stone. :whip:

My son got a little over zealous with the Roundup here.

Please notice the classy sock-on-a-string hanging on the hook. It is the one I use to add my CYA. :oops:
I have about 70+ red stones left over. I am thinking of going around the garden and shed. More pics on that if it comes to reality.
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