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Jan 30, 2016
San Antonio

Hello my wife and I purchased a home 7 months ago. We knew going in that the pool had major issues. This is what we came home to when returned from our vacation. With a little hard work and this site we were able to get it to look like this.:D


The problem we had for the rest of the season was the leaking water was expensive.

We contacted several pool people only to find huge cost differences and opinions on how to proceed. After talking with builders and re-plasters several said fill it in not worth it. Others stated that structurally the pool is sound and it was best to remove plaster to evaluate the repairs and see what was going on with the shell. We decided to take are time and find out truly what the problems were with the pool. We drained the pool found that all only one of the repaired cracks had opened up and that crack was at the water line of the first picture. We found that for two weeks water would flow back into the pool from this crack.


The plaster on this pool is sound the tile was falling off and the coping could just be lifted by hand. I have started by removing the deck, the coping, and the tile to get to the bottom of the problems. The following pictures show some of the repaired cracks.

To begin with we are going to do the plumbing then the coping then the tile ourselves. We plan to hire the plasters.

The questions begin.

My first concern is that when I removed the tile and coping there were seven of the repaired cracks that run thru the tile line and bond beam. The repaired cracks are not reopening. Do I need to staple the bond beam ? If so do I use rebar or an after market system?

The bond beam has large chunks out of it the first is about 3 ft long and 1.5 deep and the second is 1 foot by 1.5 deep to I pin the bond beam with rebar, use bonding agent, and use hydraulic cement to repair?

I am have trouble uploading more pictures getting message states that I am not allowed to Help

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Hi there neighbor, and welcome back. I'm afraid I can't answer your plaster questions, back as far as pics goes, have you tried linking your photos from Photobucket? That's what many of us do here on TFP. Upload your pics to Photobucket (free), then copy & paste the IMG code for that pic from Photobucket to your TFP post. Works great.

Also, you can try going to the bottom of your quick reply post where it says “Go Advanced”, and then down to where it says “Manage Attachments”. It may let you upload them that way. They may show-up large because you can't adjust the size of the attachment, but it may work.


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Jul 10, 2012
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That is so going to be worth it to to fix?? I cannot help with :(

I will bump this up to see if anyone has any ideas.