The PA Slope (reposted)


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Aug 1, 2021
Hello… I stumbled onto this message board looking for advice on an above ground pool on a slope. Excavation is done, pool is installed, 24’ round, 52” depth… now so many questions have come up I did not expect. Drainage around the pool, can we backfill, how high can we backfill, should we use a moisture barrier or can we just spray undercoating, etc. I’ll look around these boards a bit, but if anyone has input for a new above ground pool owner, advice is welcome!
- Jay in Pennsylvania


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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Post some pics of your pool so folks can see your situation and they will likely have ideas for you.


Jul 16, 2021
Been here, done that. Hope your avenue of approach is easier than what I had to put up with but allow me to share my leveling pad endeavor. 1st, 5" drop from point A to B, 20' dia. 2nd, black clay on 75% of dia. Soak clay so as the tiller tines can get traction (dry the tines just bounced off). 3rd, repair tiller :mad:. 4th, Level to "laser straight"(create slurry & work it like wet concrete). Then footpads & level sand to top of footpads. Next, what to do with all that displaced black clay. Got a possessed dog that digs under fence to follow the chicks. Dig trench @ bottom of fence & replace with black clay, problem solved.IMG_2042.JPGIMG_2044.JPG


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